Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The MotoMorphic JaFM 1 Review,Spec,Feature,Price

The MotoMorphic JaFM 1 Review,Spec,Feature,Price

The MotoMorphic JaFM 1 is the unique creation of Victor Komunytsky and Jim Davis, the proud ex-owners of a small repair shop and a small motorcycle selling business. We are saying “ex” because the two had to sell their business in order to fully concentrate on finishing their dream machine.

On the initial prototype, the front rubber’s contact patch was so large—nearly four times more surface area than a typical tire’s—that cornering was problematic. MotoMorphic’s team countered with a variable steering angle and a burly damper to soak up vibrations. To offset the increased forces from 100 pounds of extra weight—half from the beefed-up frame and half from the wheels and tires themselves—the engineers installed stiffer fork springs.

Inspired by muscle cars, fighter planes, streetfighter motorcycles and fat tires, the JaFM’s design took place around the excessively wide Avon Venom tires. How wide? Try 300/35-18 on the rear and 250 on the front, which makes riding the JaFM, um, challenging. It’ll take a bit of effort to throw it over in a corner, so quick transitions aren’t the JaFM’s forte. Trail braking into corners should also be done with caution, as the JaFM will probably sit up and beg like a starved dog at the dinner table. No one said “unconventional” came without compromise.

The bike is powered by the same Rotax 990 v-twin used in the Aprilia RSV Tuono and the Can Am Spyder, remapped for stronger acceleration and putting down 110 horsepower at the rear wheel. Fuel is carried in the frame tubing, and the headlight shroud was inspired by the design of the intake on a P51 Mustang. I’d stop short of calling the styling “marital aid meets household appliance”, but there’s no denying that it’s unconventional. If it speaks to you and you’ve got six figures to drop on a streetfighter, give MotoMorphic a shout.

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