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location on the circuit gokar, Sentul, West Java, PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia raises Byson figure before some national media. Although not yet officially launched, 150 cc sports bike is welcome to familiar.

The first impression when I saw this motorcycle are the words, "Macho!" Gallant and very stylish impression streetfighter. It looks great from the gas tank a la moge, digital speedometer, front headlight multi-reflector, handlebar width, and postures that gambot unsightly exhaust.

According to Yamaha, is the younger brother Byson RZ6. Relations which will serve as the main key to tempt fans of motorcycle sport.

"Unlike the existing sports models (Yamaha Scorpio and Vixion), Byson in between. Relying on a macho figure!" Paul said Sugih Firmanto, General Manager of Sales, Promotion, and Motorsport YMKI in Sentul yesterday.

After admiring the figure of this motorcycle, it's time sitting in the saddle to test the toughness. Unfortunately, given a very short time: three laps for each of the media! Well, try it!

While sitting in the saddle with both arms stretched out holding the handlebars, it felt comfortable. Long handlebars, hand position rather broad, capable of giving the impression the riders dashing along on his motorcycle. When the center was established with the standard, this bike feels very right for the rider, putting 175 cm.

Byson compact dimensions for a sports motorcycle. Length 2075 mm, width 780 mm, height 1045 mm! This posture is ideal for maneuvering in the capital city of the traffic situation is bad.

At the front, fitted Byson 0.41 mm telescopic forks and suspension monocross aka Single in the rear shock absorbers.

Responsive engine
Turn the ignition key, the indicator light flashed. Simple machine is turned on through the kick starter lever or interrupted. Sprayed exhaust sound that sounded fine. Meanwhile, the engine vibration can be muted as well or almost not felt.

Before entering the track, each participant must pass three hurdles speed bump from the wood. This was followed by a zig-zag between the composition of cone (cone). Byson it can do so easily in spite of the high speed bump. In addition, motorcycle still comfortable.

There is a desire to membetot gas grip as possible. But unfortunately, it can not be done because of the short straight tracks. This motor can only be ridden with the teeth of two and three and a speed between 30 and 40 km per hour.

When melibas corner, the engine 153 cc 4-stroke, air-cooled SOHC, responsive in the lower to middle rounds. He pretty snaps! However, again the maximum speed can not be achieved and just touched 74 miles per hour.

Yamaha claims the power output of this motorcycle dk@7.500 10.1 10.5 Nm@5.500 rpm and torque rpm.

Tire width
Another attraction of Byson-compared with its competitors in its class-wide are used tires. 100/80-17M front and rear 120/70-17M, both tubeless.

Wheels too wide. 2.5 front and rear 3.5 inches. This form allows you to use wide tires. "For the modification, the tire can be enlarged up to 110/70 (front) and 140/70 (rear)," said Manager of Technical Support Services Division YMKI Abidin Muhammad.

Tersebutlah wide tire size is very helpful when asked to steady the motorcycle to maneuver. The reason cengkeramnya power increase. Hence also, when asked to tilt, the driver feels firmly take him without fear

The final conclusion, Yamaha Byson is an alternative for fans of motor sport 150 cc bike. Primary surplus, a figure which looks more stylish and solid. The price is estimated at between USD 19.5 million and Rp 20 million! Enchanting!

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